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Mechanical Services

AEM understands when your piece of equipment fails or is down, it needs to be fixed quickly and reliably. Our factory trained service technicians are experts in industrial equipment repair and provide the quickest turnaround times in the industry, without sacrificing quality.

We offer mechanical repairs, rebuilds, and remanufacturing of the following: Gearboxes, gear reducers, centrifugal blowers, submersible pumps, fans, mixers, augers, bunchers, centrifuges, compressors, pulpers, rolls, runners, turbines, wickets, crushers, shredder rotors, magnet drums, split-case pumps, positive displacement blowers

Pump Repairs

We have performed thousands of pump repairs on both foreign and domestic pumps, multistage vertical turbine pumps, and split-case pumps of all types:

  • On site and in shop service and repair to include: bearings, seals and or packing replacement
  • Impeller and shaft inspections, measure for wear, cracks
  • Complete restoration to new conditions, to include: impeller and casing, wear rings, shaft, bearing and deal areas
  • Dynamic balancing
  • NDT testing for cracks
  • Modifications and/or remanufacturing to factory specifications or better.
  • Metal spray/ plating, welding, machining and sleeving to name a few of our well rounded repair capabilities
  • Sandblasting and epoxy coating for erosion/corrosion protection along with significant improvement of a pump operating efficiency

We are a factory authorized Flowserve and ABS submersible pump repair/services shop, including UL and FM certifications, testing and repairs using factory authorized parts and specifications.

Mechanical Equipment Repair

To include all types and sizes of gearboxes and power transmission equipment, both foreign and domestic, AEM has over 35 years of experience performing complete mechanical overhaul and repair to as new condition.

  • Shaft and gear assembles are cleaned, inspected, measured for proper bearing and seal fits
  • Gears are inspected for wear, NDT inspection for cracks
  • In the event the gears require replacing, AEM will furnish factory supplied gears and parts when and available. We also have the ability to manufacturer replacement gears with the assistance of ISO9001 certified gear manufacturing vendors from New England and across the United States.

Our complete and capable Machine Shop can perform repair and restorations of worn or damaged parts such as metal spray or plating, remachining of worn shaft, bearing journals seal fits, and guard coupling fits.

Gear case bearing fits can be welded and remachined using either of our methods; robotic Boretech welding or machining a sleeve, plating, etc.

Cracked or broken gear cases can be Lock-n-Stitched or welded to include remachined and accurate sizing all fits and surfaces as required

Modifications performed to include furnished and installed alternative sealing such as impro seals, garlock seals, vibration sensors, etc.

Pulper gearboxes and cooling tower gearboxes are epoxy coated and sealed to prevent erosion/corrosion

Shaft extension surfaces can be plated for corrosion protection.

In the event new parts are not available and a repair is not practical or economical, our machine shop can manufacture replacement shafts, bearings, housings, cartridges, bearing retainers, etc. using our manual and complete CNC machinery using MasterCam software.

Machining / Welding

As with our mechanical equipment repair department, if any component is found to be out of tolerance, AEM can restore and repair to a new or better condition in our complete machine and welding departments.

We can perform:

  • Full metal spray repairs using the electric arc spray process using several types of coating along with selective brush plating
  • Welding overlay and machining
  • Machining and sleeving
  • Press out damaged shafts from rotor or armatures
  • Manufacturing replacement shafts and components using our manual and CNC machinery

We are also a factory authorized repair facility for:

Submersible pumps:




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