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Amongst our diversities, AEM has a whole department dedicated to the rewinding of AC/DC motors and generators. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can rewind your motor, saving you time and money. We can also restack your stator along with the core of a rotor or armature.

In the event that an AC or DC motor or generator requires any type of repair or restoration, AEM has a rewinding department with full rewinding capability from fractional HP to 5000HP, 4160V and beyond, form coil, random wound, special armature and field coil rewinding on all types of foreign and domestic.

Thermo-graphic imaging of stator and rotor laminations to assist in detecting hot spots during the core loss testing process, this assures that if a rewinding process is required that you will have the confidence that the core has not suffered any irreparable damage.

If core is found to be damaged beyond repair, we have the full capability to remove the lamination stack, purchase and install complete new laser cut laminations from any one of several ISO9001 certified manufacturers in the Northeast or across the United States. We will perform full dip and bake of rewound components using a water based epoxy varnish.

We also have the ability to utilize several of our associate EASA shops for assisting in the VPI process & applicable winding. We stand behind all our rewinding and repairs with EASA warranty policies as an industry standard.

We offer complete rewinding capabilities:

  • AC Repair- stator and rotor restacking
  • DC Armature Restacking
  • Random wound coils for motors and generators of any size
  • Layer wound coils, field coils, edge wound coils
  • Form coil rewinding’s up to 5,000HP, 4160 Volts
  • Form coil armature and rotor rewinding
  • Wet Wound
  • Two (2) temperature controlled burn off ovens
  • Two (2) curing ovens
  • Seven (7) winding machines – of which three (3) are computerized
  • Class “H” Epoxy Varnish
  • Collector Ring Fabrication
  • Large inventory of magnet wire


  • Lexseco Core Loss Tester
  • Loop Testing for Large Laminated Cores
  • Thermal/ Infared Thermography – Certified Technicians
  • Meggers up to 5,000 VDC
  • AC Hi-Pot up to 10,000 Volts
  • DC Hi-Pot up to 30,000 Volts
  • Surge Testing up to 30,000 Volts
  • Bar-to-Bar Testers
  • Ohmmeter


Associated Electro-Mechanics
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